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Usually scanning is done in first few weeks of pregnancy. The embryo of the baby will be very small, during the early stage of pregnancy. Even though the other signs and symptoms such as absence of pregnancy, urine test, blood test, confirm the pregnancy, the ultrasound scanning during pregnancy helps in many ways. Ultrasound scanning during pregnancy helps to know the developmental stage of baby inside the womb. The twin pregnancy can be identified using ultrasound scan.

Helps to determine the development of heart and other body parts. Helps to determine any abnormality in fetal development. Helps to determine the right position of baby inside the womb or uterus. Ultrasound scanning during pregnancy helps to find the ectopic pregnancy. scanning during pregnancy helps to find the abnormality inside the womb.

The ultrasound scan during pregnancy finds the level of development of fetus including all the organ development. Helps to take decision for medical termination of pregnancy. Any chromosomal abnormalities such as down’s syndrome can be detected and early solutions can be found. Amount of amniotic fluid in the womb can be assessed using ultrasound scan during third trimester of pregnancy. End date of pregnancy or date of delivery can be determined using ultrasound scanning during third trimester of pregnancy.

ultrasound scan during end stage of pregnancy confirms the baby position, state of placenta, head presentation, breech presentation etc. Scanning is done using a small device, which is moved on the abdomen. The jelly is applied on the abdomen. usually this diagnostic procedure is comfortable. If the pregnant mother is obese or over weight, the ultrasound scan may not show clear picture.

Scan during early pregnancy and later pregnancy are important in diagnosing pregnancy stage and fetal developmental stage. Ultrasound scan is the easiest procedure and there is no harm to baby or mother. No complication will arise from the ultrasound scanning procedure. Hence ultrasound scan, as a diagnostic procedure, has more significance.

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