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How to Avoid Pregnancy without Contraceptives Different people enjoy sex differently and whereas some do not have any issues with condoms and contraceptives, some will find that they have several issues which leave them looking for other ways of enjoying intercourse without the risk of getting pregnant. Pregnancies are only enjoyable when they come at the right time and it is therefore important for all to ensure that they have planned parenthood so that they do not end up in life’s frustration when they cannot take care of the children that they have unplanned. Contraceptives are the commonly used methods of avoiding pregnancy. There are however other ways of staying free of pregnancy without the use of contraceptives.

There are spermicidal which can be used. They are applied to the vagina as and into the cervix whereby they ensure to kill all the sperms they come into contact with. The other method would be timing of ovulation so that sex is only initiated during the days of the cycle considered to be safe for the woman. This is however very trick and the calculations need to be right for the method to work for the parties.

The other way of keeping pregnancy at baby without using contraceptives is by withdrawing just in time before ejaculation so that the sperms do not find their way through the vagina. This is also a risky way of avoiding pregnancy. Lastly the other most effective way of avoiding pregnancy without the use of contraceptives is complete abstinence from sex. This is a method that is 100% effective in avoiding pregnancy especially among the unmarried individuals.

The married ones can try the rest of the available methods. There is always a good solution to fit a situation and a simple enquiry from your care provider can get you what you are looking for. The growing belly becomes the pride of every pregnant woman since she knows and has the assurance that the baby is developing and growing as it should and hence soon it will be time to finally usher the baby into the world. Even though it can bring some challenges as it grows bigger and bigger with the passing weeks, there is always a solution to the problems that it poses such as sleeping issues.

Women will be taking pictures during pregnancy just to see how big they really look at the different stages of the pregnancy. Week by week belly is easy to track with such pictures and a woman with a need to keep a chronological account of the pregnancy can use the pictures to do just that. The first trimester won’t bring many changes to the belly but of course that bump will start showing by the time you are entering the second trimester. There reaches a time when the belly seems as though it expanded over night and this is the time when the baby concentrates on adding some weight as the weeks pass by.

You will be surprised to see how big the belly can be by the time you go into labor. The pregnant belly can take many shapes depending in the baby’s position. Some will experience unusual juts at a particular time and a rounded belly at others when the baby is well coiled up in there. When the baby is bigger, you might even manage to catch some of the movements around the belly and through your clothes.

The belly tends to sit high during the second trimester and part of the third before it then drops with the baby in preparation for labor. Taking the belly pictures week by week can be an interesting thing to do and you will love having reference to the pregnancy journey. The baby this week is at 1. 6 centimeters and the organs are developing rapidly.

The fetus already has a beating heart and the fingers, toes, lips, tongue and ears and forming. An ultrasound done during this week will give you the chance to even see that brain and veins since the skin is still very much transparent and thin. The baby is however not anywhere near a human look and you will be surprised that it looks like a tadpole more than a baby. There is still some skin over the eyes and soon they will split forming the proper eyelids.

The bones and cartilage are starting to form and the intestines will move right to the abdomen. The embryonic tail will disappear and the nerves, muscles and organs will start with their functions. The limbs and elbows as well as knees will develop and tale shape too. It is obvious that the 8th week is filled with developmental activities and soon you will manage to see a more human looking baby even though he or she is still far from being complete and ready for delivery.

With all the changes, your tummy is growing bigger and this week you will start enjoying the start of a baby bump. Belly pictures taken this week will clearly show that you have something more that fat around it a clear indication of the existing pregnancy. Women in their second pregnancies will be showing more than those on their first pregnancies. It also is expected that while some will show for pregnancy this week, some will need more weeks before then can start showing for the pregnancy.

You can keep a sequence of belly pictures week by week  to enjoy them at the end of it all just for reference purposes.

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