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Autor: Sherill There are two basic life insurance policies. First is a term protection policy where the benefit is provided to the beneficiary upon a certain period. The second is an investment policy where the aim of the policyholder is to invest in the policy and get a return on their capital. Some of these types of policies are variable life, universal life, and whole life. Normally, all kinds of death are covered by these life insurance policies – either through an accident or sickness. However, suicide within the first two years of the policy’s implementation is not allowed. Meaning, the beneficiary will not be able to claim the sum of money if this is the cause of death. Posted in 1 Comment » Autor: Administrator In all forms of insurance, not just health insurance, underwriting is a common practice.

It is important to understand the reason why insurers underwrite. Basically there are two main considerations governing the behavior of insurance companies. First people buy insurance if they believe that there is a possibility that they will incur high losses in the future and need to protect themselves from that event. This is commonly known as adverse selection phenomena. Secondly is that a small portion of the uninsured actually accounts for a huge share of the total costs of claims paid out by insurance companies. It is virtually impossible to outright identify who among the insured will actually have high costs because sometimes even low risk categories can be more costly than high risk ones. Posted in No Comments » Autor: Kitch What people nowadays lack is the will to live a healthy life. It is not merely enough that you have a good health insurance coverage, it is also important to know that living a healthy lifestyle and battling any kinds of disease should play an important role in life.

Some companies who provide health insurance to employees have also taken it to themselves to educate their workers with regards to improving health and well being. One of these companies are the Whole Food Market. They are combating rising health-care costs through a range of innovative health care and wellness plans. They even have a program that allows for people to qualify for a discount to those that meet a certain biometric criteria for cholesterol levels, body mass index, height-to-waist ratio, and blood pressure, along with being nicotine free. This is like an incentive to employees to work on having a better lifestyle. The best part is offering programs and trainings to the sickest/weakest employees. (Obese, diabetic, anorexic etc) So everyone gets great treatment. Posted in No Comments » Medigap: Do it Now!

Autor: Robert For those who don’t monitor their Medicare coverage, take heed! A lot of elderly Americans these days have a hard time with paying for medical expenses they assumed would already be covered. That’ll be a big ouch in your pocket when you really need it. In case, you do see gaps in the Medicare coverages (or you might be worried in the future you will), it is advisable that you purchase Medigap. It is designed to fill in the gaps in your Medicare coverages. These are usually sold through private insurance companies and are standardized and regulated by state and federal law. Posted in No Comments » For those Short-term Situations Type of Insurance Autor: Robert Graduating from college means freedom, but it may also mean more responsibility and no more health insurance coverage from your parents. Getting a new job is almost the same thing, new surroundings, hopefully better pay, but still the health insurance coverage will come in after three months.

What do you do in the meantime? If you fall somewhere within these types, then you might be interested in looking for a health insurance that will temporarily cover you and/or your family. Most short-term health insurance has a coverage ranging from 180 days to 12 months tops. It’ll cover accidents or sudden illnesses. You’ll be in charge of picking your own doctor or clinic, and get in and out patient services as well. The negative side of it all is that it won’t offer all permanent plan benefits. It won’t include pre-existing conditions, routine medical exams, preventive care, optical or dental care, or pregnancy and childbirth expenses. Posted in No Comments » Autor: Sherill Life insurance is basically a contract between an insurer company and the owner of the life insurance policy.

The obligation of the insurer company is to pay a sum of money upon the death of a policy owner. On the other hand, the obligation of the policy owner is to pay a certain amount called premium. The premium may be paid either monthly, quarterly, or annually. If the insured person died, the insurer company needs to pay a sum of money to the beneficiaries of the insured person which was already stipulated in the contract beforehand. Within each contract, there are also specific inclusions and exclusions that can be stipulated. Posted in No Comments » Autor: Administrator Most people are not aware that their health care may have a lot of limitations embedded in the fine print. Usually, we are only made aware of it after having availed of a treatment that we thought was covered, only to end up footing the bill ourselves. Before deciding on one provider, be sure to examine all the benefits you will be entitled to get.

And please, don’t forget to read the fine print! Most insurers have accredited hospitals and medical providers in their network. These are the providers whose services you can use that are totally covered by the insurer. Those not on the list would have to be paid for from your own pocket. You should also check which illnesses are covered, and the limit per illness. Most insurers have a list of “dreaded diseases” that they will only cover up to a certain amount, the rest would be up to you. Posted in Factors Affecting Prices, Guide | No Comments » Autor: Kitch A lot of people with health insurance just feel safe that they know they will be taken care of in case they get sick but it doesn’t occur to them that it is so much better if they actually do take care of themselves to prevent sickness. In this article you will learn about some of the most bizarre health tips that can improve a person’s life.

1. New pillow cases,  dust mites can easily trigger allergies. For people who get allergic easily, it is best to change pillow cases regularly. 2. Energy snack , It is better to always bring an energy bar with you so you don’t get tempted to go to that fast food restaurant. 3. Keep yoga mats in a dry area, not at a corner because that’s where it will easily trap viruses and yeast that will cause skin infection. 4.

Don’t eat too much rice. It contains carcinogenic chemical arsenic, which is not good for the body. 5. Don’t kiss your dog too much. Oral bacteria can easily be transferred from dogs to humans. Just think of what they licked in the last 10 minutes and you’ll realize. Posted in No Comments » Autor: Kitch The sad reality is that not everyone can afford to buy health insurance and pay for it monthly. In America, there are so many people, especially the younger demographics who refuse the coverage under Obamacare, but there is no need to skip health care all together because there is a less comprehensive policy.

There are policies available that will work well for people who want to avoid the complications of Obamacare and that is through a life insurance platform. A customer can buy life insurance instead and it includes a “critical illness” factor. If the holder needs a serious treatment, then the insurance company can write them a check based on the schedule of the treatment. This can mean getting help with cases such as heart attack, stroke, cancer or other major types of illness that needs immediate attention. How much will this cost? A healthy younger male would pay at least $1,438 a year and a bit more if the person insured is older.

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