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As soon as they discover that they are pregnant, many women will start looking out for the pregnancy symptoms. Even though some can be disturbing and sickening, the women still take pride when experiencing them since they feel normal and feel that indeed they are pregnant. It can therefore be worrying when few weeks down the line after discovering that she is pregnant a woman does not seem to show any pregnancy symptoms. At 11 weeks pregnant, the common pregnancy symptoms include nausea, fatigue, gas, mood swings and even leg cramps. However, some are yet to see any of the symptoms by this week hence they end up wondering if they are really still pregnant. The fact is that there is nothing usually wrong with missing pregnancy symptoms.

Women have different experiences with pregnancy and while some have the symptoms setting in early, some will have them come later and some will have no symptoms throughout their pregnancy. The bodies have their own way of handling different situations leading to the variances. This could be as a result of hormonal balance in the act and it could also be that you are only having mild symptoms in that it becomes hard to even notice any change. As long as your doctor has run the necessary tests and assured you that the baby is fine and that it is developing and growing as it ought to during this 11th week, then there should be nothing to keep you worrying. You might be among the lucky few who do not go through the symptoms of pregnancy some of which can be unbearable. You might also be surprised to see them stream in with the coming week hence enjoy their absence while you still can since there is never telling what you might experience next!

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