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Most women have had a problem with finding a complete healthcare that caters to women’s healthcare. Women tend to prefer clinics that don’t cater to both men and women. Also, women are picky when choosing their doctors. They tend to choose one doctor to take care of them for a long time. This is due to the fact that they want to be treated with the attention and care befitting of a woman. One thing that a woman considers before choosing a doctor is if they always feel completely comfortable when they are performing procedures on them. Somehow, the gender of the doctor doesn’t seem to affect their decision.

The level of experience of a doctor also has an impact in women’s decision to choose one. It doesn’t matter if the doctor has decades of experience if a woman does not feel comfortable with him or her. If ever a woman does not like her current doctor, she can opt to change the doctor because it’s their right to as a patient. Insurance also has a weight in a woman’s decision to choose a clinic because there are instances that the clinic might not accept their insurance. Women prefer to choose clinics that accept insurance because it makes them feel secured. Although, it has been in the forefront in the world of medicine, there are certain aspects of women’s health issues that are underrepresented like in the field of cardiology. Issues like female reproductive system and female sexuality, have garnered attention but women nowadays are now concerned in medical issues.

Over the years, issues concerning the female reproductive system have been tackled and advances on it are impressive. For instance, if a woman is capable of carrying a child, but does not have the capacity to be pregnant, there are medical procedures that will allow her to bear children. And when a woman is discovered that she cannot carry a child, surrogacy and egg harvesting are available options. The number of women who undergoes hysterectomies have decline over time as efforts to detect and treat problems are more effective. In the past decades, women have been more open to their doctors when it comes to their sexual health. According to recent medical research, sexuality is an important aspect in Women’s Health Alliance.

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